Proposal Writing Services
JM Edison provides top-notch proposal writing services, delivering meticulously crafted and persuasive proposals that effectively showcase project ideas, align with funding programme guidelines, and maximize the potential for success in securing grants and funding opportunities. With a team of experienced writers and experts, we ensure that each proposal is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients, showcasing their innovative ideas and compelling them to stand out among competitors.
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Proposal Evaluation Services
JM Edison offers expert proposal evaluation services to provide rigorous and unbiased assessments of project proposals. Through our comprehensive evaluation process, we ensure adherence to evaluation criteria, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide valuable feedback to enhance the quality and competitiveness of your proposal, ultimately assisting in securing funding for your project.
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Proposal Writing Training
JM Edison provides a comprehensive proposal writing training programme, equipping researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs with the essential skills, strategies, and knowledge needed to develop persuasive and competitive project proposals, enhancing their chances of securing funding and successfully navigating the complex landscape of Horizon Europe and other funding programmes.
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Consortium Management
JM Edison offers specialized consortium creation and management services, guiding clients through the intricate process of forming strong collaborations, establishing robust governance structures, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring seamless coordination among consortium members for successful implementation of Horizon Europe and other research projects.
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Project Management
JM Edison offers comprehensive project management services designed to facilitate the successful execution of your project, ensuring efficient planning, coordination, risk mitigation, and stakeholder engagement for optimal outcomes.
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As Simularge, we are extremely grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by JM Edison in securing EU Horizon funding. Their expertise, personalized approach, and strong network of contacts within the European Union were instrumental in optimizing our grant application. With their guidance, Simularge successfully obtained substantial funding, enabling us to accelerate our growth and achieve our goals. We highly recommend JM Edison to any company seeking EU grants – their professionalism and commitment to client success are unparalleled.

Büryan Turan
CEO - Simularge