Proposal Writing Services

At JM Edison, we specialize in offering comprehensive full proposal writing services for the Horizon Europe programme, ensuring that our clients have a competitive edge in securing funding for their innovative projects.

With our deep expertise in Horizon Europe funding requirements and guidelines, we provide end-to-end support in crafting high-quality, tailored proposals that effectively communicate the project’s objectives, methodology, and expected impact.

Our team of experienced writers and researchers works closely with clients to understand their project ideas and transform them into well-structured, compelling proposals that align with the Horizon Europe programme’s priorities and evaluation criteria.

We take pride in our meticulous approach to proposal writing, conducting thorough research, and developing robust work plans, budgets, and dissemination strategies that demonstrate the project’s feasibility and potential for success.

From conducting in-depth research to drafting clear and concise sections, including work plans, budgets, and dissemination strategies, we ensure that every aspect of your proposal aligns with the Horizon Europe programme’s requirements.

By entrusting your proposal writing to us, you can focus on the core aspects of your project, knowing that our expertise and attention to detail will maximize your chances of success in securing Horizon Europe funding.

At JM Edison, we also coordinate the project consortium and we integrate key elements such as gender equality, open science, and societal impact, our full proposal writing services ensure that every aspect of the Horizon Europe application is addressed professionally and effectively, maximizing our clients’ chances of funding success.

We empower companies to harness the full potential of Horizon Europe funding, transforming their visionary ideas into impactful projects with our comprehensive support and expertise.

Horizon Europe Calls Proposal Writing Services

We offer comprehensive services for various calls within Horizon Europe, including the EIC Accelerator, EIC Transition (for academia), EIC Pathfinder, Women TechEU, Innowwide, Eurostars Eureka, and many more.

Our Proposal Writing Services cover:

  • Work Definition
  • Project Structure Preparation & Development
  • Project Budget Preparation
  • Objectives & Outcomes
  • Consortium Management (Consortium Projects)
  • Information Request from the Consortium Partners
  • Project Submission Support (Including Annexes)
  • Project Follow-Up
  • Grant Agreement Data Preparation (Under Approval from the Client)

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As Simularge, we are extremely grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by JM Edison in securing EU Horizon funding. Their expertise, personalized approach, and strong network of contacts within the European Union were instrumental in optimizing our grant application. With their guidance, Simularge successfully obtained substantial funding, enabling us to accelerate our growth and achieve our goals. We highly recommend JM Edison to any company seeking EU grants – their professionalism and commitment to client success are unparalleled.

Büryan Turan
CEO - Simularge

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